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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Free Hug Today

Leave it to the Italians. I received this video and it put an instant smile on my face. The song is beautiful, the smiles are genuine and it truely lifts your spirits.

Free Hugs in Sondrio, Italy

My sister Diane was a huge fan of Dr Leo Buscaglia. He was a firm believer in the power of a hug.

With all that is going on in our busy lives, it is easy to forget those that we love, or more importantly those that we don't know. Be nice to someone, a stranger, smile, laugh give a hug.

Spread the Love... we all need it.

Free Hugs in Sondrio, Italy

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Martinez Realtor Chuck Barberini - Financial Reform Bill

Martinez Realtor Chuck Barberini - Financial Reform Bill

Senate Passes Financial Reform Bill
The Senate on Thursday approved the most extensive overhaul of the banking system since the 1930s.

The legislation must still be reconciled with the House bill passed in December.
Measures in both bills that directly affect property transactions include:

  • Limits on the ability of mortgage lenders to penalize borrowers who pay off loans early.
  • Stated-income loans would be effectively eliminated.
  • Lenders would be required to obtain proof from borrowers that they can pay for their mortgages. Buyers would be required to provide tax returns, payroll receipts, or bank documents.
  • Lenders and brokers will be prohibited from pushing borrowers to accept loans with higher interest rates or with risky features.

Source: The New York Times, Gregg Hittand Damian Paletta (05/20/2010)